Habitat Garden, Native Garden, Flower Garden, Veggie Garden.....??

A carefully planned garden can attract lots of wildlife species, use less water and produce flowers all year round.

Just about any species of plant can provide habitat and attract wildlife, even some weeds are used by wildlife! However, weeds tend to be invasive and ultimately reduce the number of wildlife species in a garden.

A habitat garden uses locally native plants, also called indigenous plants, to attract wildlife, as well as other features to provide areas for wildlife to feed, seek shelter and reproduce. Habitat gardens can also assist nomadic or migratory wildlife species move through the suburbs.

Garden plants which are exotic or not locally native usually are not as effective at attracting wildlife, they usually require more water and can be invasive.

The plants that will grow best in your garden are the ones that you would find naturally. The Garden for Wildlife website has vegetation maps based on soil type for the whole of Alice Springs. Go to their Vegetation Species Maps and Lists to find the vegetation type for your location (within Alice Springs).

Greening Australia have also produced a fantastic book Native Plants for Central Australia which is highly recommended. You can purchase the book directly from the Greening Australia Nursery or by using this order form: