Where to start?

Often with a new site it can be challenging to know where to start. Questions like: How do I get water to my new garden? Are these weeds a problem, or do I need advice? This can be a good time to carefully walk around your site and take note on the attributes of the site.

Attributes -
These include: angles of sun over the site, fencing, current shade trees, and a permanent water point like a tap or water main. If there is already infrastructure on the site like a pergola, take into consideration if it has building approval, so as not to hinder your site works. There’s also the possibility of your site being listed on the Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority (AAPA) site list, so check with local AAPA authorities to gain a clearance on your proposed work.

Weeds -
If your site is currently run down and infested with weeds like Buffel Grass or Couch Grass, it's worth implementing a control plan so as not to hinder new plantings on your site. If weed species are not maintained, they can negatively impact on future works as they will compete with garden species, harbour plant pests (like whitefly) & generally contribute to making maintenance of your site difficult.
This control can be an integrated approach which includes a range of methods including spraying, hand pulling & mulching.

Water -
When looking to irrigate a new site you will have to know were water points are, this can be a water main or a tap which can be used as an outlet for irrigation. It can be useful when buying irrigation to check water pressure so an irrigation professional can provide an accurate reflection of your needs. To time water pressure simply use a ten litre bucket & a clock. Then time how long it takes for your ten litre bucket to fill up & record the time.

Soil -
Soils on your site are very important as often they will often dictate your success. Looking back on site history can be helpful, as you may be working on a contaminated site. If working on a site in Alice Springs, it's handy to check the soil vegetation type list from Garden for Wildlife to see what soil type your garden is on. Your local garden store should stock and sell "Soil pH test kits" which can be used to determine the pH level around your site.

Drainage -
Check your site for existing waterways as they may cause havoc if not taken into consideration. While rain is not a common feature in central Australia when is does rain, often it is a torrential downpour which will need room to drain away.

Preparing for Revegetation