What is the easiest way to water the garden?

Drip Irrigation
Drip irrigation is the most efficient way of watering Arid Zone Gardens. It slowly disperses water directly to the roots of your plant, reducing evaporation and encouraging deeper root growth. They are easy to install and maintain, and can water all your plants at once through the use of a timer or automatic controller.

Newly planted seedlings should be given a small amount of water every day for the first two weeks.

Be careful not to overwater! Overwatered plants will develop shallow root systems, have an increased risk of fungal disease and are more likely to grow quickly and die young. Established plants that have survived one summer season require deep water less frequently, with plants over 3 years old only requiring deep-watering once or twice a season. Watering can be temporarily stopped during significant rainfall, or for well-established plants over winter.

In Arid Zone Gardens, it is recommended you water infrequently and deeply to encourage plants to develop deeper root systems, making them more drought-tolerant and hardy. Locally native plants require less water than most non-local species.

Contact your local irrigation supplier or nursery to ensure you obtain the best irrigation system for your needs.