Budget for your Garden

There will be initial and ongoing costs for your garden

When you are setting up you will need to consider the costs of preparing the ground, fencing off your area, irrigation, mulch and plants. The cost will vary with the size of your garden. The budget presented here is based on a garden that is 10m x 8m.

Some of the expenses listed below could be reduced. For example, by recycling materials for mulch, or by growing seedlings from seed.

Weed control

  1. Hand held compression sprayer $40
  2. Glyphosate weed killer $20


  1. Including installation 36m x $150 = $5,400


  1. Automatic Irrigation Controller $200
  2. Poly pipe and fittings $300
  3. Installation/plumbing costs $90


  1. Composted woodchip $200 (suitable for a native garden)
  2. Pea straw $200


  1. For a native garden: $350 (100 tubestock of a variety of species).
  2. For a vegetable garden: $150 (50 punnets of vegetable seedlings).

Ongoing costs

  1. Water
  2. Irrigation poly parts for repairs
  3. Replacement plants
  4. Fertilisers