Welcome to the wikispace for Creating Arid Zone Gardens in Central Australia

This wikispace aims to support schools, businesses and community members in the Central Australian region to develop gardens in a way that will support the environment in which they are planted. The wiki provides:

Practical Information on creating a garden in the Arid Zone

Here you will find information on how to take your idea of creating a garden and develop a design and budget, to prepare the ground, propagate, plant and maintain it.

Learning opportunities through creating a garden

There is a wide range of opportinuties for learning during a garden project addressing all Learning Areas, EsseNTial Learnings, Cross Curricula Perspectives and Indigenous Language and Culture outcomes of the Northern Territory Curriculum Framework.

Students can be involved in the practical aspects of the project at all stages, considering what sort of garden they would like, drawing plans for the garden, preparing the ground, propagating, planting, watering and weeding.